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Using Smart Growth Principles to Transform and Connect Our Communities: Lessons from the Past for a Sustainable Future

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Please join us at the Secret Woods Nature Center as an esteemed panel will take you on a journey from urban sprawl to re-ignited interest in livable communities. The speakers will provide an overview of the evolution of South Florida development patterns from the times of the Native Americans and early settlers through today.  They will explore how early entrepreneurs set the stage for our land development and growth patterns; how decades of changing technology, public policy and commerce initiated a pattern of sprawl; and how we are using those lessons learned to transform South Florida from a set of separate urban and suburban communities to a Smart Growth region.  Overlaying smart growth principles onto our existing communities and connecting infrastructure will allow South Florida’s unique landscape to sustain and grow while preserving our environment, providing economic opportunities and creating desirable communities.

This session will be an eye-opener for what lies ahead and how we can manage development to create an enviable region guided by Smart Growth Principles. Learn how we can preserve our environment, provide economic opportunities and create desirable, livable, thriving communities.


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Keynote Richard Grosso, Professor of Law, Shepard Broad College, Nova Southeastern University

Growing Smart to Meet South Florida's Climate and Sea Level Rise Challenges

Patricia Zeller, Fort Lauderdale Historical Society – Ms. Zeiler will provide a historical perspective of how the early culture of settlers working with the land, Native Americans and resources started the initial development patterns for the area. Ms. Zeiler will focus on three early areas of growth:  Dania, Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach.

Bob Daniels, Smart Growth Partnership Board Member – Mr. Daniels will discuss how modern development patterns and technology (e.g. automobile centric, draining the swamps, invention of air conditioning, etc. allowing us to move west) evolved and describe factors that resulted in sprawl.

Isabel Cosio Carballo, South Florida Regional Planning Council – Ms. Carballo will remind us of the concepts of the Eastward Ho! Movement arising from the realization that our development patterns are not sustainable and of the importance of protecting the everglades and our water supply.

Kim Briesemeister, Redevelopment Management Associates – Ms. Briesemeister will inform us of some of the current challenges and efforts that are on-going toward redeveloping our urban and suburban communities.  She will highlight challenges associated with land use and zoning, addressing community “needs” versus “wants” while managing expectations, other internal obstacles (e.g. perceptions of crime) and of course, affordable housing.

Peter Flotz, Lansing Melbourne Group – Mr. Flotz will teach us some of the tools for overcoming obstacles to incorporating smart growth principles into our future development and redevelopment.  His talk will also incorporate an element of how to engage the public in a productive manner to achieve project support and meaningful incorporation of public input (not just the squeaky wheels).  He will discuss two project examples: Pompano Beach project and Galleria project.

Gregory Stuart and James Cromar, Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization – Mr. Stuart and Mr. Cromar will show us evolving trends in mobility and efforts toward connecting those urban and suburban communities.  They will describe the evolution of our transportation system and what changes to expect over the next decade and beyond. 

A panel discussion with our speakers will be moderated by Courtney Crush of Crush Law after the individual presentations.

We will also be presenting a Smart Growth Excellence Award to the Village of Palmetto Bay and Bermello, Ajamil and Partners for the Village’s the Village’s Downtown Master Plan and Downtown Urban Village Regulations. 


Secret Woods Nature Center

2701 W. State Rd. 84

Dania Beach, FL 33312


February 22, 2018 from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm

Fee is $50 Smart Growth Partnership Members / $75 Non-members/ Free to New Members!  Lunch is included with your registration.  Click here to register.


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